Section Chief Qualifications and Responsibilities


1.   Must be a registered NSP member in the section.

2.   Must have been an NSP patrol representative for at least one year or must have been a registered member of the NSP for at least five years.

3.   Must be familiar with the national policies and procedures as defined in the current NSP Policies and Procedures manual.

4.   Must be familiar with division, region and section policies and procedures, as applicable.

The following lists the minimum recommended (not mandatory) eligibility requirements for section chief candidates.

5.   Should have served as an NSP patrol representative for at least one year.

6.   Should have logged at least 45 days of active patrolling (excluding refreshers, tests, etc.) with one third of these at a ski area(s) in the section.

7.   Should have experience working with management at an area in the section.

8.   Should have participated in region administrative activities (e.g., attended region meeting, helped administer region testing/training activities).

9.   Should have attained senior status.


1.   Serves a term in accordance with division bylaws and policies (currently a three year term and eligible for re-election for one additional term).

2.   Supports and fosters the NSP mission statement.  Promotes NSP education programs within the division to maintain the integrity of NSP training standards.

3.   Promotes the financial support of the NSP and its programs.

4.   Cooperates with the region director and other NSP officers in maintaining the rules, regulations and training standards of the NSP.

5.   Submits an annual report to the region director.

6.   Facilitates communication to and from the region director, NSP unit representative, ski area patrol director and NSP members.  Is responsible for any other duties designated by the division board of directors.

7.   Ensures that NSP registration units submit annual reports and financial reports in a timely manner.