WM2 Section Chief Nomination Reminder

This is a reminder that nominations for WM 2 Section Chief are due to Pat Livingston by the end of the day (midnight) on Thursday, December 31, 2015.

The position of Section Chief is a 3-year commitment. Candidates must have been a patrol representative for at least 1 year OR an active patroller for at least 5 years and have WM 2 as the section of their primary registration. Senior status and participation in administrative activities within the ski patrol are also helpful attributes. The qualifications for the job, a description of the responsibilities of the section chief, and the nomination form are on the Central Division and the region websites.

Nominations can be emailed to Pat Livingston at: plivingston67@gmail.com or snail mailed to 5030 N. Quail Crest Dr. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Questions, etc., are most welcome! Give Pat a call or at 616-949-7473 (home) or 616-481-7167 (cell) at any time —- or drop a note by text or e-mail.

Thank you!

Pat Livingston
Western Michigan Region Elections Coordinator
National Ski Patrol

National chair elections

I want to thank all of you for helping to get out the vote. As you see, Central Division now has three persons on the National Board. Central Division had the highest turnout of voters of any Division! It’s because of you and all the efforts by everyone that our Region patrollers learned that it was of significant importance that we needed to get out the vote within our Region. Thank you all for your help and consideration in this matter.


Congratulations to those individuals elected for the upcoming term.

Jim Woodrum
Brian Rull
John (Ty) Damon
Ed McNamara

Ed McNamara
National Chair