5/22/2020 – Awards

Thank you Lourie and John and to our division for some outstanding work and commitment.

Good Evening Patrollers,

Well the night is here.
Time for the National Ski Patrol’s Western Michigan Region 2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony.

Your hosts for tonight are Lourie Hurley and John Donnelly.

Please follow this link and enjoy the next 30 minutes.


If you cannot click on the link, please copy & paste into your browser.
Enjoy the program.

See you at the refresher & on the snow.
Your 2020 Western Michigan Region Awards Committee, chaired by Lourie Hurley.


Next Region meeting – by phone conference 4/21/2020.  Need invite?  email john Donnelly or Jim Tuinier

4/30/2019 – Region Meeting time and place

May 4, 2019 – Our meeting will begin at 2PM and I expect it will be in the Cedar Lounge (upstairs) at Cannonsburg.  Region IT’s will be having their meeting in the same room immediately prior so be thoughtful if you arrive early as they are completing their meeting.  As our awards banquet will be starting up after the board meeting, we need to move expeditiously and stay on schedule.



Word Doc:
WMR Mtg Agenda – 05-04-19



2/1/2019 – Section 2 – Section Chief



Kevin Barrons, the current Section Chief, is retiring from the Section Chief position – after 6 years in this position he is term limited.  We are most fortunate to have three (3) very qualified people who have stepped up and volunteered to run for this position:  Maria Alfonso, Mark Johnson, and Colleen Wolfer.  Included with this announcement you will find information from each of them.  Please take the time to read over what they have written!

Western Michigan is a one-person, one-vote region, meaning that each person registered in Section WM 2 will receive a ballot and the opportunity to vote for WM 2’s Section Chief. This will be our leader —- and we will determine who that leader will be.

January 25th – ballots will be mailed.

February 15th – deadline for ballots to be postmarked — ballots are returned to Pat Livingston.

The outcome of the election will be announced before the end of February.  The person elected will take over as Section Chief on July 1, 2019.  This is a three-year position.

Please read over the Candidate Information sheets carefully.

QUESTIONS?  CONCERNS?  Give me a call (616-481-7167), send me a text (616-481-7167), or write me an email (plivingston67@gmail.com).


Pat Livingston, Region Election Coordinator

11/7/2018 – NSP FEMA ICS Requirement

As reported in the newest e-mail from NSP National, all patrollers are now being required to complete  Federal Emergency Management Agency Incident Command System ICS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System course. See info from Michael Walenta HERE

10/16/2018 – Director’s Note:

Please go and VOTE!!!!  My main message is to VOTE, turnout last year was abysmal (just over 20%).  If you need background info on all the candidates, go HERE or contact your patrol rep/director or me, JohnDonnelly for our thoughts.

For what it is worth, Brian Rull is a current board member from Central Division and has done a great job. Julie Stone is an Assistant Division Director in Central Division and has been personally very supportive of our activities in Western Michigan despite coming from St. Louis.

John Donnelly

10/16/2018 – Voting open

From Central Division:

Members of the NSP Central Division
The voting has open for you to vote for your NSP National Board Member. You can vote for one person or up to four people. It’s your right to vote in this election and I urge you to exercise this right. I still believe we need representation for every member. The only way to accomplish that is to have Board members from every Division. When you are selecting the candidate or candidates to vote for, please keep the representative issue in mind.