WM2 Section Chief Nomination Reminder

This is a reminder that nominations for WM 2 Section Chief are due to Pat Livingston by the end of the day (midnight) on Thursday, December 31, 2015.

The position of Section Chief is a 3-year commitment. Candidates must have been a patrol representative for at least 1 year OR an active patroller for at least 5 years and have WM 2 as the section of their primary registration. Senior status and participation in administrative activities within the ski patrol are also helpful attributes. The qualifications for the job, a description of the responsibilities of the section chief, and the nomination form are on the Central Division and the region websites.

Nominations can be emailed to Pat Livingston at: plivingston67@gmail.com or snail mailed to 5030 N. Quail Crest Dr. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Questions, etc., are most welcome! Give Pat a call or at 616-949-7473 (home) or 616-481-7167 (cell) at any time —- or drop a note by text or e-mail.

Thank you!

Pat Livingston
Western Michigan Region Elections Coordinator
National Ski Patrol

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