1/17/17 – Region Director

The deadline approaches—-Thursday, January 26th is the deadline for nominations for Region Director!  As you know, Chip is not running for a second term as Western Michigan’s Region Director.  His will be tough shoes to fill….so we need some good folks to step up and toss their hats into the ring!

This is a ‘Division Election’ so the nomination form is on the Central Division website and needs to be submitted to the Division Election Coordinator, Ken Meldahl (an easy task to complete, as you can access the form from the home page of the website, then fill out and submit the form right from there).

Link to Central Division HERE

Please make sure everyone in your patrol knows about the election and the nomination deadline. I encourage you to consider running for this position and/or to encourage some of that talent around you to do so.  We’re a strong Region, thanks in large part to the strength of our leadership. Let’s maintain our status!

Nominations for Region Director are due to Ken Meldahl by January 26th.
Nomination Form is on (and can be completed and sent from) the home page of the Central Division web site at www.nspcentral.org.

Pat Livingston