P&P Amendments Adopted
at October 18, 2006 Region Meeting

Intra-Region Cash transfer Issues

This year several patrols not did deposit cash transfer checks from ski swaps in the same fiscal year as the checks were written and recorded.  As a result, the region under stated its ending cash balance.  It is impossible for the Region Treasurer to correct this problem after it has occurred.  If the same subunit fails to deposit cash transfers next year, the problem occurs over multiple years.  This gives the appearance that funds are being hidden.  The Region can not allow this problem to continue.

Reporting Cash and Non-Cash Contributions Greater Than $5,000 per Year

The National Ski Patrol requires all subunits to list names, addresses, and accumulated amounts of donations and contributions exceeding $5,000 from a single individual or entity in a single year.  This applies to both cash and non-cash contributions.  This information is reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Division’s Form 990 Schedule B.

Donations and contributions should be reported on the Schedule of Contributions Form .  The form is available on the region website, www.nspc203.org .  A substitute form is acceptable as long as it contains the same information.  Officers and Treasurers can contact the Region Treasurer for assistance in preparing this form.

If the IRS was auditing a donors tax return, it would check reportable donations and contributions to NSP by reviewing the Division’s Form 990, Schedule B.  Failure to report donations and contributions shift the burden of proof to the donor or contributor.  It can result in financial penalties against the organization, its officers and members for failing to report, or for knowingly allowing a report to be filed without the information.

The IRS Form 990 and schedules for 501c organizations are public record.  However, the names and addresses listed on Schedule B are not public record.

P&P Amendment for the Deposit and Reporting of Intra-Region Fund Transfers

The Treasurer requests that the Region Advisory Committee amend the Region Policies and Procedures regarding Subunits Financial Requirements.  Amend, P&P §4-12-17, and to add P&P §4-12-25 and §4-12-26, to read as follows.

4-12-17    All Sections operating separate fund raising accounts, such as Ski Swaps, shall prepare, certify, and submit a separate financial report for the Ski Swap to the Section Chief, Patrol Representatives, and the Region Treasurer.

4-12-25    All subunits shall record and deposit intra-region cash transfers in the same fiscal year as the disbursement was recorded.

4-12-26    The Region Director or Region Treasurer may require subunits to submit additional financial information to ensure that the subunits are in compliance with all financial reporting requirements.