Requirements to Adopt, Amendment, and Revoke
Region Policies and Procedures

National Requirements

        The NSP shall be sovereign as opposed to divisions and subdivisions thereof. No division, region, section, or NSP patrol shall promulgate any bylaws, policies, rules, or regulations that conflict with, tend to be argumentative with, or otherwise interfere with the uniform application of the national organization's bylaws throughout the entire NSP. National Bylaws, 10.1(1)(a).

        Each division may prepare and adopt policies, rules, regulations, and bylaws to provide for the conduct of its own internal affairs on the condition that the same must be consistent with these bylaws and the purposes of the NSP as set forth in the NSP Articles of Incorporation or any amendments thereto. National Bylaws, 10.1(1)(b).

        The subdivisions of each division shall have the same limitations and be subject to the further limitation that their adopted policies, rules, regulations, and bylaws shall not be in conflict with those of the unit next above it. National Bylaws, 10.1(1)(c).

Central Division Requirements

        No lower organizational structure of the Central Division may write or enact policies or procedures that supersede these or those of the National association. Central Division Polices and Procedures, Preamble.

Western Michigan Region Requirements

        These policies and procedures are the base reference for the operation of the Western Michigan Region. Western Michigan Region P&P 0-1-2.

        The policies and procedures need to be approved only by the officers of the Region. Western Michigan Region P&P 0-1-3.

        The Region Director, or a person designated by the Region Director, may make editorial changes or restatement of these policies and procedures, as long as it does not change the meaning and effect of the policies and procedures. The changed or restated policies and procedures shall be sent to all Region Officers and staff and posted on the Region website, and shall be effective 28 days later, unless a specific objection is received in writing by mail or email. Western Michigan Region P&P 0-1-4.

        The Region shall be managed by the Region Director. National Bylaws, Article III, 3.3. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-1.

        The Region Director shall appoint a Staff of Advisors to assist with the management of the Region. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-2.

        The Staff of Advisors are: (a) Assistant RD Alpine Proficiency, (b) Assistant RD - OEC, Awards, Elections, (c) Alpine Advisor, (d) Awards Advisor, (e) Avalanche Advisor, (f) Blue & Gold Editor, (g) Certified Coordinator, (h) Instructor Development Advisor, (i) Legal Advisor, (j) Mountain Travel & Rescue Advisor, (k) National Appointment Review Board Chairperson, (l) Nordic Advisor, (m) NSP-C Ski School Advisor, (n) OEC Advisor, (o) Secretary, (p) Snowboard Advisor, (q) Treasurer, and (r) Webmaster. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-3.

        A Region member may hold more than one advisory position within the NSP, and may be an Officer. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-4.

        The Region Director may appoint co-advisors. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-5.

        Besides the Region Director, the other Officers in the Region are (a) WM1 Section Chief, (b) Bittersweet Patrol Representative, (c) Timber Ridge Patrol Representative, (d) WM2 Section Chief, (e) Cannonsburg Patrol Representative, (f) Pando Patrol Representative, (g) WM Nordic Patrol Representative, (h) WM3 Section Chief, (I) Caberfae Peaks Patrol Representative, and (j) Crystal Mountain Patrol Representative. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-6.

        A NSP member shall hold one, and only one, position as an Officer or Director of the National Board. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-7.

        The Region Director may appoint a Region Advisory Committee to assist with the administration of the Region. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-8.

        The Region Advisory Committee may consist of the Staff of Advisors, Region Officers, or any number of them. Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-9.

        The Region Director shall appoint the members of the Region Advisory Committee, and shall determine the rules of its operation (committee bylaws). Western Michigan Region P&P 2-1-10.