Election Procedures


Notices of election shall be posted on the Region web site, and emailed to Region officers and staff. Patrol Representatives shall post the Notices in their patrol rooms and email them to members. Western Michigan Region P&P §3-1-10.


The schedule for shall be set by the Region Election Coordinator. However, the Region Director election must be scheduled so that results are known at least 2 weeks before the Central Division spring business meeting. This will enable the Region Director elect to attend the spring division meeting.

Terms of Office

Term of office is three fiscal years, beginning July 1, and ending on June 30. A member may be elected to no more than two (2) consecutive terms. A member, who is appointed or elected to complete a Region Director or Section Chief term, may be elected to two (2) more consecutive terms. WMR P&P §3-1-2, §3-1-3.


Any register patroller in the Region, meeting the qualifications requirements, may be nominated or self-nominated. Nomination Form, qualification requirements, duties are available on the website. The form must be mailed or emailed no later than December 31.

Candidates must complete the Candidate Information Sheet available on website, and submit it to the Division and Region Election Coordinator.

If only one member has been nominated by the close of nominations, they shall be elected, and there shall be no voting.


Officers of the Western Michigan Region are elected by the registered member patrollers of the Section for Section Chief and of the Region for Region Director.


Member voting shall be by post card ballot. Ballots shall be addressed and have first-class postage. Ballots for Region Director shall be returned to the Division Election Coordinator, or other designated member. Ballots for Section Chief shall be returned to the Region Election Coordinator, or other designated member. Ballots must be post marked on or before the closing date for voting.