1.    All candidates shall be held personally responsible for all actions of their chairman, workers, committees, etc.

2.    For each election or run-off election, any candidate seeking the election office and those acting in behalf of the candidates are permitted a maximum of three contacts with the voters including phone conversations for the purpose of campaigning.

3.    The candidates’ campaign literature or other contacts shall be restricted to:

A.    Introducing themselves

B.    Announcing their platform and intentions

C.    Enhancing their own qualifications

4.    No candidate, or those acting on behalf of the candidate, shall make or publish derogatory or inflammatory statements about his/her opponent’s qualifications, ability, service record, or personal life.

5.    Candidates holding a Division, Region, or Section position during the time of their candidacy shall not be permitted to do any campaigning while attending any meeting, session or any other patrol activity in an official capacity or where the cost of attendance in travel or living expense is reimbursed wholly or in part by the Division, Region or Section funds.  Nor shall any campaigning be allowed in any communication, verbal or written, which is reimbursed by Division, Region or Section funds.

6.    A copy of all campaign literature mailed or distributed by a candidate, or those acting in a candidate’s behalf, and also an outline of any organized telephone campaign, shall be sent to the Election Coordinator and the Division Director.

7.    Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in the removal of a candidate from the election.  This action will be reviewed first by the Election Coordinator, then by the Division Legal Advisor, and finally by the Division Executive Committee, excluding any members who are candidates for the office in question.

Central Division Board of Directors