As reported in the newest e-mail from NSP National, all patrollers are now being required to complete  Federal Emergency Management Agency Incident Command System ICS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System course.  

I’ve registered the ICS-100 course and also ICS-200 and ICS-700.   At this point, only ICS-100 is being required of patrollers.
Prior to registering for the ICS-100 course, patrollers will need to obtain the FEMA SID (Student ID)   Here is the link.  You may need to cut and paste this into your browser.   Click on the REGISTER FOR A FEMA SID button located on the American Flag.  Once patrollers have their FEMA SID, they can then begin processing through the online FEMA ICS-100.c course.

Here is the link to the FEMA ICS-100.c course
You may need to cut & paste this link into your browser.
Once a patroller has completed their course, they should e-mail a pdf of their course completion certificate to me at
Patrollers also need to register for the NSP course.
There is no cost with FEMA to take these courses.
There is no cost for a FEMA SID.
There is no cost with NSP for these courses.

I’ve registered ICS-100 with NSP course number  C179180005
I’ve registered ICS-200 with NSP course number  C179180006
I’ve registered ICS-700 with NSP course number  C179180007

For those who have completed additional FEMA courses, please e-mail me and we’ll see how we can obtain credit for you with NSP.
All 3 of these courses are open effective October 18, 2018 and will close on December 31, 2018.
Michael Walenta
West Michigan NSP Region Avalanche Advisor
West Michigan NSP Region Mountain Travel & Rescue Advisor