10/26/16 – WM Region Meeting Agenda

Our next Region Meeting is coming up on next Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  It is at Brann’s on Division Street. The starting time is 6:30 PM.  Please plan on attending.  If you are unable to attend please send your report to me so I can report for you.

            I have already forwarded you the minutes from our last meeting.  Please bring a copy of the minutes and this agenda with you. There will not be copies available at the meeting.

            See you next Tuesday.

Chip Knappen


Important Dates

Snow is coming, check the calendar for activities/tests/evaulations/ etc. on the Region’s Calendar page.

3/1/2016 – Region Meeting

Again, because of the weather I have decided to cancel the Region meeting that was scheduled for this evening. I have decided that we really need to meet before the May 14th meeting so I am rescheduling this meeting for Tuesday March 22, 2016. Chip

2/28/2016 Senior OEC, needs your help

Senior OEC Needs Your Help
February 28, 2016 Cannonsburg Ski Area

The OEC module of the Senior Program is taking place Sunday February 28 at Cannonsburg Ski area and we need your help! We are looking for helpers, patients, and graders.

If you are interested in helping with this event, please contact Doug Haase at 260-207-2247 or by email at atcsinc@aol.com

Thank you!

2/24/16 New Seniors

Congratulations to Western Michigan Region’s newest Senior Patrollers:

Nick Turner, Timber Ridge;
Maria Alfonso, Cannonsburg;
Lourie Hurley, Crystal Mountain;
Kyle Jones, Crystal Mountain:
Johanna Pietila, Cannonsburg

who passed the toboggan module and only has the Senior OEC module to finish. Everyone did a great job inspire of the tough conditions.