New CPR, AED, and First Aid Guidelines


The new Guidelines for First Aid co-developed by the American Red Cross and American Heart Association as well as the American Heart Association’s CPR Guidelines were released on November 28, 2005. Other certifying agencies have adopted these as well.

The training methods in place now for first aid and CPR are not incorrect nor are they harmful, but improved methods based on new scientific evidence will make it easier for the public to learn CPR and other life-saving skills. OEC training will still be based on the content of Outdoor Emergency Care fourth edition, though we are looking at ways to introduce the new first aid guidelines that may pertain to OEC skills to the membership before the publication of the next edition of that text.

The National Ski Patrol requires that all active members be certified in professional rescuer-level CPR, and also demonstrate those skills annually. The NSP recognizes this certification from five agencies: American Red Cross, American Heart Association, National Safety Council, American Safety and Health Institute, and Medic First Aid. The agency that provides your CPR certification will determine the process for training in these new protocols, and it’s anticipated that many members will be introduced to the new CPR guidelines this fall.


If you have questions regarding this, there are several resources available. You might want to reread the article in this summer’s On Scene magazine (page 12), or contact your patrol representative about plans for CPR training this fall. Additional information can be found by contacting your CPR training center or by visiting the website of your certifying agency. Here are the links to those agencies: